• I definitely believe I can be better than the Brad I was in the playoffs two years ago


    No one in the league scored more points Monday night. Not James Harden. Not Chris Paul. Not Kawhi Leonard or Steph Curry. Only two players shot more free throws (Harden, predictably, was one). Only one made more 3-pointers.

    The night was a culmination of offseason work focused on ball-handling, past tips from ex-teammates about coming off screens, and the cheap NFL jerseys ideas Grunfeld and Leonsis had in their heads. There were flashes of this before, notably in the playoffs two seasons ago when the wholesale NFL jerseys Wizards swept the Toronto Raptors in the first round. That was an angry version of Beal, one that waved goodbye to surly Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry when Lowry fouled out. In that series, Beal went to the free-throw line 6.3 times per game, more than double his regular season average. Those trips put the next projection on Beal. The model of what could be now had a tangible sample. Could Beal be like that all the time?

    “I definitely believe I can be better than the Brad I was in the playoffs two years ago,” Detroit Lions jerseys Beal said before the season. “I’m more mature. I have a higher IQ. The game is starting to slow down even more for me now.”

    To be better largely depends on two vital things: Wall and Beal’s often uncooperative body.

    The trickle-down effect of Beal’s aches are massive. If he doesn’t have a cheap jerseys fourth recurrence of a lower leg problem last season, do the Wizards make the playoffs for the third consecutive season? Would Wittman still be the coach? Beal missed 27 games. The team missed the playoffs by three games.

    “I think the injury bug for us was so devastating early on with Brad missing so many games,” former Wizards forward Jared Dudley said Monday. “The reason why it’s so big, because what he does, you can’t duplicate that. So, you try to substitute — you might try to put [Marcus] Thornton in there, you might try the rookie — but he’s a 20-point scorer in the NBA, gets to the free-throw line and he hits big 3s.”

    Last summer, Beal said he started over. He practiced walking properly, landing right and squatting with proper motion. All this to stave off his annual leg problem.

    “I think we got it figured out,” Beal said in July.

    Wall and Beal have suggested they are the NBA’s best backcourt. That’s incorrect, yet expected, bravado from the duo. This season, responsibilities have been handed over to each more so than at any other time in their four years together. The Wizards are going forward with Wall, Beal and parts. Their maximum contracts represent it. The almost 40 minutes each played Monday night represent it. Their legacies in the District are intertwined.


    Each wholesale jerseys verbally patted the other on the back postgame. Beal mentioned that Wall kept calling plays for him. Wall pointed out that Beal was hot.





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